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Family Dentistry – Salem, OR

Family Oral Health Done Right

When it comes to dental care, prevention is priority number one! Using the dentistry services detailed below,  Dr. Christel is able to stop many dental problems from ever developing in the first place, saving our patients countless hours and dollars in the dental chair. With just two short appointments each year, she can make sure you and your loved ones have the kind of smiles that never need a second thought. If it has been more than six months since you or your child’s last dental visit, give us a call today so we can safeguard your smiles with family dentistry in Salem, OR!

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Woman receiving preventive dentistry exam

Dental checkups and cleanings enable us to get to know our patients, learn about their dentistry needs, and catch small issues before they can become major problems. These appointments also give us the chance to remove problem-causing plaque from the teeth and gums, keeping smiles cavity-free and white year after year.

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Gum Disease Treatment

When it comes to oral health, it’s not only the teeth that matter, but the gums as well. Periodontal disease, better known as gum disease, is a very common bacterial infection that affects the soft tissues and bone of the mouth, and it’s the primary cause of tooth loss around the world! If we spot any problems with your gums during a regular checkup, we can take care of them using scaling and root planing, a treatment that is specifically designed to remove the infection as well as lower your risk for developing it in the future.

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Dental Sealants

Young man with healthy smile thanks to dental sealants

Dental sealants enable us to give the most vulnerable teeth—the premolars and molars—just a little bit of extra protection from decay and cavities. A white, flowing material is applied directly to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth. This hardens into an invisible barrier that harmful food particles, plaque, and bacteria cannot cross. They are perfect for children still learning to brush and cavity-prone adults alike. Once in place and regularly checked, they can provide a reliable cavity-defense for many years.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Man placing clear nightguard

Unconscious teeth grinding during sleep, better known as bruxism, is a very common condition that affects up to 1 in 3 people in the U.S., including children! It can often lead to worn down teeth, morning headaches, and even a strained jaw. To help with this sneaky problem, we can have a patient wear a protective nightguard to bed. This is a small, custom-made oral appliance that comfortably fits over the teeth and places a physical barrier between them to prevent any damaging contact.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Woman receiving oral cancer screening

Oral cancer rates are currently on the rise here in the U.S., and up to 25% of new cases are found in people who do NOT smoke or drink. Early detection is the key to successfully treating the disease, which is why Dr. Cochell performs an oral cancer screening as part of every regular checkup. If she finds any suspicious looking sores, growths, or lesions in your mouth, she quickly help you get the follow-up care that you need.

Fluoride Treatments

Closeup of healthy smile after fluoride treatment

You’ll find fluoride in most toothpaste, many foods, and even the water that comes out of your tap, and this is all good news, because it has long been shown to lower a person’s chances of developing cavities over time.

It’s not just for children either, fluoride treatments are very beneficial to adults as well. Do you have exposed roots, sensitive teeth or recurrent cavities? These are all conditions where fluoride treatments may help. As art of a preventative treatment plan, Dr. Cohcell may recommend fluoride treatment no matter the age. If she thinks that you or your child could benefit from a little more fluoride, she can provide a quick and easy treatment during a routine checkup. It only takes a few minutes, is completely painless, and it helps keep the teeth nice and strong between appointments.

Children’s Dentistry

Young girl receiving children's dentistry treatment

At Cochell Family Dentistry, we’ll make your child feel like they are visiting a friend’s house whenever they come to see us, and then we’ll provide a number of kid-centric treatments that are designed to protect them from cavities and guide their oral development. We’re ready to do our part to serve Salem’s most precious smiles!

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